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This Window builder will generate three applets of JavaScript code. The first code is to open a pop-up window automaticly according to the info you set. The second opens the Window from a hypertext link. The third from a form button.

1. Choose the URL, name, width, height, and set of features you want for your window. Note: The URL and name will, by default, be hard-coded into the function. If you want them passed as parameters, simply check the Parameter box.

2. Click the View Source button, checking the See Window box if you want to see your window. Note: You must close the pop-up window and click the View Source button each time you update the options in order to see the changes.

3. Cut and paste the code on your page where needed.

URL to open in window: parameter:
name of window: parameter:
width:    height:
see window

paste this code into the <head> of your document:

paste this code into the <body> of your document:

open window with link:
OR open window with form button:

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