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  • GeoCities
    Sign up for a free Personal Home Page and free Email account.
  • Angelfire is not going away.
    The Home Pages here on Angelfire are free. There is no cost to you to make a page and later edit it.
  • CyQuest Web Services
    Account comes with 1 meg of space and a group or personall FTP account for accessing your pages. This plan is FREE! The only thing they ask is that you display one of thier advertisers' banner ads at the top of your pages.
  • Free web page from Tool-Box
    Tool-Box is the fastest and easiest way to create and maintain a presenceon the Internet. It takes no special training or equipment. It's fast.. And it'sfree.
  • Webspawner Ltd.
    They call him "Crazy Art", and although the bean counting executives at WebSpawner Ltd. don't like it, he is giving away free webpages! That's right, absolutely free.
  • Clickable Systems International
    Free advertiser supported web pages.
  • Cybercity Free Web
    Free diskspace to anyone in the world.
  • Free Home Page from Websight magazine.
    The main rule is you may only have one page. If you accidentlly create an extra page, please delete it.
  • Free Web Page from Freetown
    You can create free web pages instantly for your business or for personal use.
  • Personal Start Page
    It is a webpage that you the user create and maintain that gives you the quickest access to your favorite websites, the Internet's leading search engines, and we even added a built-in webnotepad.
  • BHI Teens
    Free text-only home page for everyone under 18.
  • Fish.net.au
    More free home pages!
  • MacroNet
    One free page to non-profit organizations.
  • MarketNet
    As long as you have a browser capable of using forms you can set up your page by following a few simple steps. They need to accept your registration, but this may be done immediately.
  • Nitehawk
    Free web pages up to 200k in size.
  • Rockhouse
    Home pages for musicians. Yep, that's right, something for nothing! All 'musos' qualify for the Free Internet Promotion Package, which you can register for right now and is immediately operational.
  • The Sprawl
    A great place for a free home page.
  • Tripod
    Free 2mb home page with your free registration. Great tools!
  • Vive Web Connections
    free space to most non-profit organizations, schools and community centres.
  • World Email
    The World Email Directory also offers a range of WEB hosting services connected to the WED Membership. Registered Members receive FREE Webspace and Autoresponders.
  • Critters Choice - Club & Organization free Home Page Offer
    This offer is targeted for non-profit pet/animal organizations or clubs.
  • FCI
  • Homepages for the Homeless
  • Kamtec
  • Main Quad
  • Northwest Voyager
  • Powernet
  • Student Access
  • Uebermorgen Online
  • WebCentre FreeWeb
  • Webville
  • West Oklahoma Internet Services (USA)
  • Europe@Home
    (Europeans only)
  • Freemark
    Freemark Communications brings you the premier email service that's absolutely free: Freemark Mail.
  • HoTMaiL
    Get Your *Web-Based* Free Email. Never Change Your E-mail Address Again. Accessible Worldwide from Any Computer. One Web, One E-mail, One Stop. No Installation Required ...and it's Free!
  • Juno
    Free e-mail from Juno. It is completely free: no monthly charges, no hourly charges, no per-message charges, no sign-up fees, and no subscription fees. You don't have to pay for the software.
  • StarMail
    YES, StarMail Will Provide You With Your Own Hand Picked Email Address Absolutely Free.
  • Bigfoot
    Use Bigfoot For Life and keep your email address forever. Wherever you go, Bigfoot will follow, with a free forwarding service to the address of your choice.
  • NetForward.com
    Your email address will never change again! You can change jobs, switchservice providers, or change your user ID without affecting your electronic mail address.This service is absolutely FREE to the net-going public. They Also offer Web Page Forwarding !
  • E-Mail Reminder Service
    This service is free. You register with this service using your e-mail address and choosing a password. You enter up to 20 dates that you would like to be reminded about and specify the messages that you want sent to you.
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